Transitions on Course

A unique program in navigating change, Transitions on Course gives returning Veterans tools and thinking strategies to successfully chart a path through the unknown variables they face.

This workshop brings the best practices of creative thinking to bear in response to the transitional challenges and opportunities faced by returning Veterans, such as pursuing a degree or training, targeting a career path, leveraging military experience and shaping a vision for their future.

Outcomes:Zen turbulent water

  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
  • Deeper Understanding of Current Challenges
  • Clearer “Big Picture” Thinking
  • Increased Self-Confidence & Empowerment
  • Tools for Turning Ideas into Actions
  • Adaptive Skills for Managing Change

Transitions on Course is available as a training for Veterans as well as Veteran Service Providers to gain skills for guiding their clients in creatively navigating the transition to civilian life.

Great presentation style and clarity of information…
I appreciated the care for participants, thoughtfulness and diplomacy…I’ll use this in tackling my own problems and helping Veterans to cope with change more successfully.” Participant feedback, Seattle University Veteran’s Center training.















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