Making it Happen in Brussels

Last month I presented at the European Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Brussels.

It was a wonderful experience!

The conference theme was “Make it Happen.” I presented a workshop on using literary and dramatic techniques for effective implementation of creative ideas. The conference was well attended, and very inspiring.

As I look back now on the months of preparation in program development and all of the logistics which are involved in presenting one’s work in a far-away place, I’m struck by the degree of “making-in-happen-ness” that was part of the whole process.

In this, I offer the perspective of one who teaches what they most need to learn.

When we aboard an important idea, energy is generated. Once we have agreed, in our hearts and our calendars and our wallets, that we are going forward with something, energy gets kicked up. I would argue that our ability to handle that energy is as much a part of the process as the experience itself.

One of the first impressions I had as I was formulating the workshop for the conference was the degree to which ideas and their implementation differ. They feel different. An idea is sparkly, promising, free. To “make it happen” will cost us something. What that cost is may be indeterminate, but I believe a part of our psyche knows that we are pulling up against something that may change us, and it will certainly cost us, and this feels qualitatively different from the sparkle of a brand spanking new idea.

To draw this into our awareness is to say, yes this is where the rubber meets the road, and it doesn’t have to feel easy. In fact, if it feels difficult, that may be a good thing. As I pointed out in the workshop, part of the structure of a good story is the pain of an obstacle, potentially insurmountable, and the development within us that it calls forth.

The conference was a fantastic experience. The ideas generated were made manifest in an environment of curiosity, bonhomie and generosity. “Making it Happen” cost everyone who was there, in terms of energy and time and money. Bringing ideas into the world will do that.

We all decide, sometimes on a daily basis: is it worth the price?

Is there an idea that is suing for your time/money/energy right now? How will you proceed?

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